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People First. Aim for the Best. Win-Win Quality Management.
People First. Aim for the Best. Win-Win Management.
Based our management philosophy,
we will make our best efforts to provide the utmost customer satisfaction.
Since established in 2005, PKI Corporation has performed close collaboration work with customers and
built a trusted partnership throughout the world. Not long after, we were able to grow into
a Total Solution Provider in the Semiconductor/Display Equipment, Parts and materials industry.

In 2009, we had undertaken the world’s first collaborating work with Samsung, called “NOMAD Project”.
We served to dismantle, store and sell used semiconductor equipment on behalf of them for 3 years.
These experiences gave us an opportunity to expand our work scopes to technical areas and we have been capable of providing turnkey services from dismantlement/Refurbishing to relocating work for semiconductor equipment in all manufacturing process.

Also, as an distributor of 3M Korea,
PKI has been providing Raw Materials which used in Semiconductor/Display Manufacture to worldwide device makers.
We have accumulated the material technology solution at the customer’s level and being capable of providing
a total solution in equipment, parts and materials.

PKI Corporation is driving to develop a new business model,Tech+Finance Hybrid Business.
There are technology intensive business in Semiconductor/Display industry and finance business investing
in promising companies with innovative technologies.
We work on combing these business areas and providing solutions that solve our customer’s challenges.
This new biz model will be the second NOMAD Project that will lead
us to high performing of customer satisfaction and long-term growth of our company.

Thank you very much.

All the staff and PKI Corporation